A short blurb

Starting a Narrative(?) Poem??
    by Danylko Maksymenko

An artillery shell slammed
into the damned apartment.

A little boy ran into his father’s room
“Mommy is dead.”
His doomed father lifeless
didn’t answer,
a gun at his side

The boy picked up the gun
that was taller than himself, and running
down the stairs to the street
held his lifeless teddy bear

When he heard
someone speaking Russian,
his gun went off, and
blood sprayed from
the speaker’s body.

A soldier ran to the scene
and said, “malen’kiy mal’chik”?

When the soldier knelt down
the little boy stared and stuffed
the head of his teddy bear
into the soldier’s mouth
until he choked to death.

Another Russian soldier
talking on a phone with his mother
found himself shooting the boy dead
while he shouted into the phone
“Mommy, I am dead.”