Hell No I’m Not Going to Edit This Much

No, I refuse absolutely
to use few words; no, no, no
there is no soul in brevity

No, no, no, I don’t want to be spare,
I want to be naked. I want
to show you everything, and
I want to show you that every ugly blemish has
a beautiful poem it’s inspired, though sometimes

it has named itself like a star is named “123087274”
by the Astronomical Union sometimes but
more often is called Sarah. No, not at all, I
want many more words. I want Love. I want faith in poetry.

I want every rhyme to sing
in every octave that could ding-dong.

I want to hear my music, my love, my joy.
I want to be extravagant, lush in words,
lush in feeling. I don’t want to coyly

take away anything at all except you, love,
into my hovering dreams with chatter fluff
until there’d be no cloudy words
but justly a masterpiece of Love.