#WordPrompt March

A Bridge (2)

Where can I go if
you can never know me
from a note alone
composed in the rain

I knew you once,

But you are in the suburbs
and I am in the city

I know I said,
it wouldn’t be fair to tell you secrets,
to then let you drown in tears
though I know you love the rain

There was a bridge I used to run under
when thunderstorms reigned, but still
I’ve always wondered
if I can go anywhere without you

There’s an empty meadow
where I go to scream, but
I wouldn’t mind if you overheard me

And I might dry your wet face
and ask you how you are

There was a bridge in the rain
we could’ve run under, and
might have cried gently together

and I think we
could have walked
to laughter after

I should have told you everything
when laughter was common like sunshine

But the bridge has been blown up
and a note is not enough.