Qu’est-ce que l’amour?

En visite en Amérique, je l’ai rencontrée
dans un champ de renoncules qui
les habitants appellent des tasses à beurre

Elle est ma tasse beurre chérie

Elle voulait m’offrir un partenariat
dans ses affaires à elle et pour partager des affaires.

Près de Paris, nous sommes allés à l’appartement à elle
plus de sa boulangerie et elle était chaude comme
le plaisir de la journée fait
la joie de gambader à la maison

Nous avons refroidi avec un vin pour la nuit
qu’elle a recommandé pour un câlin
et un tête-à-tête avec intimité

et comme nos voix modulées à un ronronnement
nous avons déroulé un linge comme une feuille de pâte
et ma petite amie, Chérie Beurre,
fondue dans le lit

Nous nous sommes pétris en couches de joie
pour être croustillant et feuilleté comme un croissant

Au matin, je suis parti tôt pour acheter du beurre et
Je me demandais qu’est-ce qu’un croissant
si le faire c’est ne pas l’avoir?

Je suis revenu incertain.

J’ai proposé:
Ma Chérie Beurre,
laisse-moi garder ce beurre,
avoir la boulangerie, et
Je vais vous faire un croissant avec amour.

bien, elle a dit:
Tu veux le beurre et l’argent du beurre et le cul de la crémière.
Apportez-moi une renoncule et je vais regarder dans votre âme
jusqu’à ce que je décide si tu es assez floconneux pour cuisiner.

6 thoughts on “Qu’est-ce que l’amour?

  1. Maybe one day I’ll learn french and get to visit Paris…I’ll probably have to win the lottery first, and I’d probably need to meet someone who likes having a traveling companion. I’m awkward enough just trying to get my point across in English. And I wouldn’t feel comfortable by myself. I also wouldn’t enjoy seeing all the amazing places and things alone. I mean it’s hard enough doing everything in my day to day life, alone already. I bet it would be even worse in what’s supposed to be the most romantic city in the world. Sometimes, it’s even hard to watch romantic movies or read love stories or poems because they just make me feel even lonelier…have you ever felt that way? Sometimes even when I’m in a room full of people, I feel so lonesome, like no one understands me…

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    1. I know what you mean. I’d have to win the lottery and have a traveling companion. Maybe if the prize is big enough we could have a group of 3: The two of us and the super guide and companion and all around translator. Oh well, it depends, I suppose… maybe it requires 4, or no 5 — somebody might get tired or might have to run to the embassy to get help if we get into trouble or something, oh, wait, maybe 6 a dog… oh wait 7 the dog walker and… OK, really BIG lottery prize: private jet and 20 people with someone from “Fantasy Island & The Love Boat(multiple stories and they all work out in the end).”

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    2. Yes, I’m totally alone in a crowd even if I talk a little. Nobody understands what I’m trying to say or is not interested. Usually when I’m talking to someone, I feel like I’m talking to myself or a wall, and I see the person fading and looking all around for an escape route, or they say “that’s interesting” when they mean the opposite. Or they say, “what do you think about subject/event-blah-blah” and I give a pro-forma response and they’re not interested in it and neither am I. Um, yes, it’s raining outside which explains why I’m soaking wet….It is weird talking to a totally unconnected person — more words, less connection. On a rare occasion when there is a momentary understanding, an odd silence happens and a feeling of inner connection and a feeling of satisfaction… But I don’t even remember when that happened and it was probably for a microsecond and didn’t last and died somehow….

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      1. I’m sure you’ve already heard since it’s on every TV and news website but the Notre Dame Cathedral caught on fire today. That was one of the places I would’ve loved to have seen if I was ever lucky enough to travel to Paris and now I’m too late. I guess i probably would’ve never made it anyway, but now it’s certain I’ll never see it. I hope everyone who was in the building got out safely before the fire started though.

        I bet you’re fun to talk to, and probably have lots of interesting things to say. I’ve always enjoyed our online conversations. Somwtimes I think people get tired of listening to me too, or they aren’t really listening because they already have something they want to say and are just waiting for me to stop talking, so they can start their story. A lot of times they don’t even reply to what i said first. It’s ok though…

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        1.     Yes, I think everyone got out safely from the Notre Dame Cathedral — they stopped work an hour before. My family missed all the opportunities that were right in their backyard in New York City. We were supposed to go to the top of the Empire State Building when it used to be the tallest building in the world. We never went. And I meant to go to the top of the World Trade Center before it was attacked. Never went. We always thought it was close and always available.
              It’s an odd thing, Notre Dame has been around for 800 years and even in 1830 it was overdue for renovation. The thing is that the inside is wood. I thought old castles and places like that were stone in the inside too. There was so much wood in the inside that they called it “The Forest.” If they knew in 1830 that old wood was trouble they certainly would know now. As far as living wood, redwoods can live longer than 2,000 years, but of course they have a whole support structure (and an internal “maintenance system”).
              It’s interesting that you say…”they already have something they want to say and are just waiting for me to stop talking, so they can start their story.” I’ve been looking at a psychology book where they define such things– they call it “parallaction.” It’s people talking along side each other without intersecting like parallel lines.
              There’s a section on “pseudo-interaction” where it seems like two people are having an interchange of ideas but are actually speaking independently with no connection. It says that ritual greetings, for example, are words with no actual meaning except for acknowledgement of presence. I was going to use these concepts as candidates for my Utd’mbts collection. Actually, I think I did use the ideas a few times in debates between Doug and Zawmb’yee….


          1. That’s really interesting, parallaction huh? Like two thought trains just moving along on their own tracks.

            Yeah those ritual greetings are odd. I always greet customers at work and say “Hey, how are you today?” Sometimes they don’t even listen and they’ll just reply back with “Diet Coke” or whatever their drink order is, haha.

            That’s really cool that Notre Dame was called The Forest. I always just assumed they were made of stone or something like plaster maybe? I’d like to see the redwoods some day too. I really just need to hurry up and come up with a million dollar idea or win the lottery or something. I could go see all the amazing things and pay off my house and car…My old car is falling apart, it has 193,000 miles and is at the shop. I hope it’s just the clutch because i dont want to put a couple thousand dollars into this car for a transmission. But i also am not ready for a car payment and full coverage insurance every month. I’m trying to pay off my credit card debt first. Wish me luck…

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