Game Stop

I am a game stopping,
a poet of no value, so
you can sell me short and
drive me down to a dollar, because

I am not yet dead
when I’d reach my
maximum price, but

my last friend
would mourn me
if I die

and I am sorry that
she would cry, because
in my quirky way, and
knowing her,
I loved her, and
I tried to comfort her
in a wild pun and poem
and I thought there was a light

buy, buy, buy.
Drive my price up, because
I feel like she might sell me
before a crash, and
I would love her to
be the last one to
love me.

7 thoughts on “Game Stop

  1. Love the new poem! But I do believe you are far more valuable than you think you are. I would really miss you if anything ever happened to you.

    I’m trying to know more and better understand stocks. I’ve bought some but i just let it sit there to earn money and I don’t have enough invested to see a big return. I guess that’s kind of a good thing cause I can’t lose too much that way either, haha!


    1. Thanks. It’s hard to know the value and purpose of things. But I was really confused about who was doing something illegal or not. Years ago they called it “pump” and “dump”: a broker would tell all his clients that they should buy a really crumby company that was failing. As soon as the price went up high enough they sold and their clients were left with worthless stock that sometimes went to zero. But now it seems to depend on who is talking where. Somebody might go on TV and say that although a company is in trouble, you should buy it anyway and then his friends will sell it at a high price. Now they have groups on the internet saying to buy…. etc.
          Well, at least you’re the CEO of your own company. I hope you’re doing well.


        1.     Sorry, I wish I could borrow a season, a moment in time, and then I could say “I wish you a merry Christmas” because it’s a cliché that most people can understand and are able to take on a warm feeling from it, as it is intended. So I’ll lend you my time machine and we can meet in a moment in time where I can say I wish you a warm feeling in a bubble of love and protection. Wow, sorry, that was long metaphor.
              It’s kinda hard to know what to do with a down feeling and I’ve always found it strange that an “expert” can’t even answer the question, “What is anxiety.” They say it is akin to fear but not fear. Sometimes I have an intense emptiness beyond a pregnant silence that demands that some craving be satisfied as a fantasy comfort that is ultimately unreal and futile like a child’s teddy bear.

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          1. Thank you for lending me your time machine. The bubble of love and protection sounds amazing. You’re the best.
            It IS hard to know what to do with the down feelings. I wish I could just snap out of it. At least I’m still able to work and maintain my house/self. There have been times when my depression have gotten so bad that I didn’t want to get out of bed. So I guess it could be worse. I just wish things could seem exciting or fun again. Maybe when Spring gets here. That always seems to brighten things up a bunch.

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