Fairy Tales for Elderly Children

The Empress’ New Mask

In the beginning of the Wuhan era,
the crown-virus was veiled by deceit
and the Great Orchid Empress was crowned.

Faustti, the Financier of renowned repute funded
Court Wizards to gain them functionality.

The Empress valued costume
and guise more than perfume

But something was fishy in Denmark
when two merchants appeared:

The Merlin brothers claimed they could weave
tales into masks made from bat skins.

The coverings had a property that
anyone without virtue could not
wear it without whistling
past the graveyard.

The plague was a blessing for her,
a hodge-podge of opportunity
and she never rued her power.
“Rules are rules like
the fabric of pedagogy.”

She went to a school to mask the children
and read them a story, but

Though the Orchid Empress was past the flower of her youth
she snuck an enormus serving of bacon under her mask
just before visiting the children to harangue them

The teacher was in awe of the Empress.
“Her majestly will read you a story…
Don’t fidget with your face coverings.”

There was a smirk beneath the Empress’ mask.
“I will read you ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes,’
by Hans Christian Andersen, and…”

A pack of dogs broke into the school, and
attacked the Empress.

A child shouted, “She whistled for the dogs!”

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