We, Ut’ishsih People, demand an apology from Geico. (2)

    Cavemen can not live by bread alone or with butter and no bread. Give us our true duck, and we shall quack no more. We demand both. The High Priestess says, “Tu veux le beurre et l’argent du beurre et le cul de la crémière.”
    Even though we hate how the Ojdispekib CAVEMEN represent us in the GEICO commercials, and dislike the implied insult that GEICO makes, we ask you to vote** for the Caveman commercial in the series, because we want to keep a high level of publicity focused on our plight.
    Why do we protest now? Not only do we resent the distortions and insults of the GEICO commericials, but we also dislike how the pompous Ojdispekib who appear in the GEICO spots represent themselves like creature Literati who have become the pets and pawns of the oppressive upper classes.
    I, like many of the Ut’ishsih People stayed behind in the secret caves for most of our life, and rarely, if ever, have we ventured into the up-top world. But with modern media, there’s no more hiding, and I probably should establish myself outside the cave where the Grand Council has no jurisdiction — Utcoozhoo seems to think their benevolent dictatorship is about to transform itself into a malignant evil that might even threaten the up-top world, but politics doesn’t interest me.

Cavemen hate insults. Some are very intelligent. Ref: “It’s so easy even a caveman could do it.”
The cable lines into the secret tunnels are hard to maintain. So we’re not always up-to-date with TV commercials.
    We have written a diary of our activities, “The Blog That Would Destroy the World.”, and we demand an apology, a peace treaty, black-raspberry Duck once a week, and free Cave Insurance including insurance for tunnel boring equipment.


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