Weird how the computer does a survey of phrases & doesn’t actually translate by word

I don’t know. Too many weird things happen. It seems to get stuck doing searches of common phrases and sometimes makes up English words that don’t exist or finds English words that are tangentially related somehow. I got all tangled up trying to say something about thoughts or feelings flowing through the heart like a river and swimming in love. I wanted to say something about swimming to the beat of the heart. But some translations talked about giving me a stroke or heart attack. I tried something about a heart valve and it give me the weirdest translation of all. It translated as “Weber”. In English,”the Weber” is a unit of magnetic flux. So I tried “flux” and made some progress. Esoteric things floating in space moves it toward discussions of magnetic fields. So it must have churned through millions of discussions in physics texts about magnetic fields, pace makers, and heart attacks. This doesn’t seem like a good way to learn metaphors. The robot needs a different kind of schooling. Instead of one computer talking to another, it needs a periodic human intervention. But they don’t seem to have a human staff that will take direct criticism. I think they must just take a count of various kinds of complaints on various phrases. So they just knock out things by random consensus.

So anyway. I guess I shouldn’t waste this:

मेरे मन में सपनों की खुशबू
वाइन पर पॉप्ड कॉर्क और ट्रिल पर नोट्स।

बादलों के बीच से एक राग निकलता है
मेरे दिल की धड़कन,
एक धारा में इसकी सिम्फनी तरंगें

मैं प्यार में तैर रहा हूं
दिल की उंगलियों के साथ

The scent of dreams in my mind
Notes on popped cork and trill on wine.

A melody emerges from the clouds
my heart beats,
Its symphony waves in one stream

I am swimming in love
With heart fingers

2 thoughts on “Weird how the computer does a survey of phrases & doesn’t actually translate by word

  1. I never really thought about that but I suppose computers would have a difficult time with metaphors. So would robots. You know how they have those tests to prove you’re not a robot when you’re trying to sign into a website? Maybe they could come up with a metaphor test to prove you’re really you.
    I love your new poem. Swimming in love with heart fingers is so romantic. Beautiful words.


    1.     Thanks. I was going to throw this out because it just seemed odd to me. So maybe I’ll just fix the rhythm a little and keep it.
          It’s an odd thing but they used to try to write programs that mimic the way children learn language, but it was too hard so they gave up trying. Now they just have the computers read through billions of texts and phrases and look for patterns. But some of the patterns are nonsense. Just because the word “Weber” appears millions of times whenever the flow of magnetic fields is mentioned, or fields etc. because it’s a unit of measurement, doesn’t mean that “Weber” means “flow”. It’s like looking through millions of texts that have the word “inch” in it. They aren’t necessarily related. And they’re looking through texts where people often talk nonsense. When you talk to a baby you’re more careful about what you say and you change your voice so he can better understand you. And the other thing that they’re not doing is that they don’t use human feedback to make corrections. It’s sort of like when many young children call all men “Daddy” because he’s an example of a man they know. I’ve had that happen to me — I’m walking down the street, minding my own business, and a mother and child who I don’t know walk by. The child points at me and says, “Daddy!”. I haven’t been that busy.


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